Product Health

Product Health and Bio-Security

At Keith Smith, our commitment to providing the most healthy breeding facilities is paramount in the day-to-day operation of our company-owned and contract grower farms. Stringent Bio-Security measures are followed, including:
  • All KSC flocks maintain NPIP status of PT, MG, MS, and AI clean
  • All KSC flocks operate on an “all in, all out” basis
  • KSC maintained Stud Farm allows the addition of males into flocks as needed
  • KSC Stud Farm is certified weekly for PT, MG, MS, and AI
  • Strict NO VISITORS policy into farms without prior Bio-Security approval
  • All visitors must be KSC-supervised and wear KSC coveralls, boots, and hair nets
Keith Smith formulates and makes our own superior feed mix to ensure that all flocks receive the best diet to maximize their performance and the quality of the broiler chicks. KSC breeders and broilers are consistently monitored and evaluted by an independent nutritionist with over 26 years experience in evaluating breeders and their progeny for maximum yeild. All flocks are vaccinated for Marek’s, coccidiosis, IBD, IBV, Reo, Salmonella, A.E., Cholera, Pox, CAV, and ILT. Flocks are tested regularly for NPIP compliance and vaccination effectiveness.

All Keith Smith flocks are aggressively monitored and tested for optimum fertility by incubating
and fertility testing on a bi-weekly or weekly basis, as the need demands. Our technical
team is one of the most experienced in the industry, boasting a combined 225 years
of service experience in managing and testing breeders and breeding flocks.