The Keith Smith Company | E G G - C E L L E N C E

The Keith Smith Company

With over 60 years of “egg-cellence,"the Keith Smith Company is the largest independent producer and provider of broiler hatching eggs to the poultry industry in the U.S. and abroad.

We believe our product is the best hatching egg available today, and here’s why:
  • Excellent Breed Options and Availability
  • Superior Nutrition for Greater Hatch Rate and Maximum Yield
  • Stringent Testing Program ensures Health and High Hatch Rate
  • Highest Bio-Security Standards ensure Safe Products
  • Dependable Delivery System for Domestic and International Markets
At Keith Smith, our dedicated professionals offer extensive experience in and knowledge of the worldwide poultry market. Our goal is to understand each client’s individual needs and specific market demands. As the leading producer of quality hatching eggs, we not only offer an “egg-cellent"product, we arrange for speedy, dependable delivery–whether domestic or international–and give excellent technical service and advice after the sale.

Keith Smith is committed to supporting and maximizing your operation’s
efficiency, yield and profitability. Count on the proven tradition of Keith Smith
“egg-cellence"for all your hatching egg needs.