Dedicated Services

Keith Smith Company is here to help your operation obtain the sources needed for extra grower locations or egg stock by offering custom-tailored dedicated contract services for grandparent and parent stock production, as well as hatching egg production using the customer’s parent flocks.

When immediate market demands or large capital funds availability are a factor, using Keith Smith to enhance your operation’s total market coverage and impact is often the most economical and profitable choice for both short- and long-term needs.

Keith Smith can offer a dedicated services contract designed to meet just about any need your poultry operation has, whether small or large, immediate or long-term. Some of our highly successful services include:
  • Pullet Housing: Parent Stock or GP Stock
  • Hen Housing: Parent Stock or GP Stock
  • Feed & Feed Delivery Services
  • Flock Management Services
  • Flock Health Services
  • Spiking Services
  • Egg Delivery Services
  • Strict Bio-Security Standards
Additionally, once ready for market, your poultry stock production can be delivered to your
hatchery or sold for you as needed by our hatching egg sales department.