The Keith Smith Story

With over 60 years of “egg-cellence” in the poultry industry, the Keith Smith Company began in 1948 as a farm supply store, selling tractors, general feed, farm supplies, and baby chicks. The operation of a broiler company began and grew throughout the 1950’s. To support his own operation and sell to other customers, Keith Smith built his own feed mill in 1954 offering general line feed. The construction of a hatchery followed in 1958, and the hatchery business thrived by hatching chicks for KSC broiler operations as well as selling chicks to other broiler companies. In 1963, after the broiler market crash, the company focused on selling chicks and eggs rather than broiler production and added a new feed mill to support these operations as well as to continue selling general line feed. In 1968, Keith Smith began collaborating with Hubbard Farms to develop and supply genetic stock to the poultry industry. Over the next 30 years, hundreds of millions of broilers would originate from parent stock hatched at the KSC-Hubbard Farms hatchery.

In 1981, Keith Smith appointed his son, James Keith Smith, II, as President of the Keith Smith Company. This resulted in new leadership and a more focused direction for the company’s growth in hatching egg production. In 1994, KSC constructed a state-of-the-art egg distribution center, which allowed the company to greatly increase capacity for safely handling and shipping hatching eggs in ideal temperature-controlled, sanitary conditions. Administrative offices were added on the
same site a few years later.

The Keith Smith Company is still a family-owned business widely regarded as the
nation’s leader in the production and supply of quality hatching eggs to the broiler industry,
known for “egg-cellence” in product, delivery, and customer service.